The Lower Mainland CX Series

The Vancouver cyclocross coalition has been working hard with other lower mainland organizers to bring bigger and better events to the lower mainland. for 2019 we have continued the collaboration to develop an exciting cyclocross calendar for the lower mainland. with long time organizers like donkey cross, west coast racing, daryl evans cycling, Sorce, and local ride racing, we're more than stoked to have an incredible 2019 season lined up, sanctioned by Cycling bc.


a cyclocross collective

The lower mainland cyclocross series (LMCX) brings together your favourite races into one series of events. series overall points will be tracked by the team at escape velocity and categories, race times and cycling bc points will be tracked in a cohesive fashion, for racers from novice to elite - providing upgrade points and prepping you for events like Nationals!

the calendar

the full calendar for lmcx can be found on the cycling bc website, as well as in our calendars:



all in the details

we have updated the schedule of events page to reflect the new and improved categories and schedule. We will be updating a tech guide for LMCX races and every organizer will have this connected to their website for the race. you can find it here:

Lower mainland cx series racer technical guide