VCXC 2019 day-of schedule of events

8:15 am

registration open for bib and timing chip pickup, day-of event insurance, waivers

9:00 am

course open for preride - 30 min

9:30 am

race # 1 - 30 min - novice men (suggested u15 m, u13 m)

20 min - Open Youth Beginners (one full lap)

Race #2 - 45 min - intermediate men (Suggested u19 m, u15 m)

10:15 am

10:30 am

beer garden opens (if applicable)

11:00 am

Kids race registration opens

RACE #3 - 45 min - Intermediate Women (suggested u19 w, u17 w)

- 45 min - Masters (40+) Women

- 30 min - novice women (Suggested u15 w, u13 w)

11:15 AM

kids races- U12 racers in 4 categories

12:00 Kids Taster Race 8-12 year olds - Main Course Half Lap

12:10 Kids Race 1 Age 2-4 - Kids Mini Course 5 min

12:15 Kids Race 2 Age 5-6 - Kids Mini Course 5 min

12:20 Kids Race 3 Age 7-8 - Kids Mini Course 5 m

12:00 pm

12:30 pm

podiums race 1 + 2 + 3

Race #4 - 45 MIN - masters (40+) men B

- 45 min - SSCX MEN, SSCX WOMEN Combined field

1:00 pm

2:00 pm 

Race #5 - 60 MIN - ELITE MEN

- 50 min - ELITE WOMEN

- 50 MIN - masters (40+) men A

3:15 pm

podiums race 4 + 5

beer garden closes + COURSE TEARDOWN

3:30 pm


Please note that Youth categories are combined into our ability based categories for 2019

Please Refer to the Lower Mainland series CX tech doc for more information on this and other information

Online registration FOR VCXC RACES closes the night before race day @ 7:00pm

Schedule may be subject to change

Race Registration as follows:
$35 Pre Registration / $45 on Race Day. 
$15* Pre Registration U19, U17, U15, U13


  • Kids Races / Youth Beginners / iRide Program: No license required

  • novice/juniors: riders are required to hold a current cycling bc ride license, cycling bc race or uci license (one day event insurance is available for $10/$5 - juniors)

  • all other categories: Riders are required to hold a current Cycling BC RACE or UCI license (one day event insurance is available for $10/$5 - Juniors)

  • foreign / out of province: Foreign or out of province Riders with a UCI International are allowed to race the category listed on their license (All other Riders - one day event insurance is available for $10/$5 - Juniors)

note: cycling bc will not process a riders request for category upgrade, or recognize their result for an upgrade request until the rider has purchased  a provincial race or uci license


Cycling BC Commissaires will be used as per CBC’s requirements.

Bike Requirements

  • Novice: Gravel, Mountain and Hybrid bikes are allowed for Novice races though Cyclocross bikes are recommended (No Fat Bikes allowed)

  • Juniors/Intermediate/Masters: Cyclocross (or Gravel) bikes are highly recommended for Intermediate and Master B races; Mountain Bikes are discouraged (No Fat Bikes allowed)

  • Elite/Masters A: Elite and Master A races will be subject to UCI rules regarding equipment

  • Single Speed: Bikes must be limited to one gear (No Fat Bikes allowed)

Registration starts at 8:15 and closes 15 minutes before each races starts.

We will expect you to suffer with your appropriate category.

We'll see you on course!